The Alison Gordon Studio is a design and illustration based company, residing in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  Founded in 2014, by Alison Petrie, she started the company as mainly a design & illustration freelance opportunity.  Over the passed two years the studio now services custom clients as well as sells art and stationery to stores across the world.  

Alison graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Visual Arts & Art History.  In 2008, she continued to pursue a long time dream of being a fashion designer, and attended Parson’s School of Design. While in New York, she had the opportunity to work with internationally known designers (Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler and Pink Tartan). After a few years, Alison returned to Toronto to work within Holt Renfrew’s creative department.  During her time at Holt's, she got to work with internationally known photographers, producers, models and brands.  In 2014, she left Holt Renfrew to spend six months as the Creative Director at NKPR, a Toronto fashion public relations firm.  At this time, she started to gain popularity as a freelance designer and illustrator.  In September 2014, Alison decided to go out on her own after being encouraged by her father, Gordon, to do so. When her father passed away in November 2014, she decided to name her company with their names combined, Alison Gordon.  

The AGS Shop opened on Etsy in December 2014, and then through theagstudio.com as of March 16, 2015.  To this day, AGS still provides custom design and illustration services to her clients; such as canvas and art prints, digital design, brand development, marketing and print design. Inspired and driven by fashion and industry trends, AGS cultivates its work through passion, innovation and personal dedication to each and every client. 

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